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Optometry and fitting of eyeglasses

The following talk about how to find a reliable online store, online store division of labor are customer service, processing, packaging, storage, after-sales, operations, artwork, etc., involving the core interests of buyers is actually processing and after-sales; processing is only worried about two things, one is to take similar degrees of lens confusion, the general business will not be necessary to do so, the basic lens degree will not be missing, there is no need to risk confusing the degree of business The second is the processing accuracy, although now the equipment is much more automated than before, as long as it is artificial, there will be errors. Even if it is the highest Essilor automatic grinding machine, there is still a possibility of error in the manual operation when playing the center point and on the suction cup, and some lenses have a super smooth surface and slip during the processing will also produce processing errors, so there will be international standards. If the lens processing before the degree is not taken wrong, mainly the astigmatism axis position and pupil distance may have assembly error; the impact of the error will speak later. So a responsible online store is required to recheck the degree after processing; the error is large and must be reconfigured using the principle of automatic control called closed-loop control, which may invariably increase the cost burden, but this is responsible for the integrity of the business must be done. To see the evaluation of the online store said to take the glasses to the entity to measure the degree of error is very large kind, and there is a certain risk. We are most concerned about the prices of our glasses, and I suggest you go and check online for cheap glasses but quality.
Optometry of those places of attention.
1) Astigmatism less than or equal to 50, in fact, can be ignored astigmatism, because astigmatism is the most important reason why glasses are not adapted; 50 astigmatism is very low, close to physiological astigmatism, almost does not affect vision, so it can be ignored. Astigmatism greater than 50 needs to be accurate; otherwise, seeing things with ghosting will deepen myopia astigmatism.
(2) If the difference between the final optometry and the old glasses worn before is more than 300 degrees, it is recommended not to match the full amount at once; otherwise, the eyes will be easily fatigued; you can first match a cheaper glasses with a couple of hundred degrees, with a period of adaptation and then match the full amount.
(3) old glasses, if wearing a clear look is also very comfortable, but the lens spent to want to change the lens or want to repair, the old mirror degree can be used, and safe, will not add a little bit of degree or astigmatism instead of adapting, the old mirror degree does not know directly find an optical store to measure, a dozen seconds to measure out, and generally will not charge.
(4) Some people respond when trying on the frame try on not dizzy also adapt, why the new glasses will get hands or dizzy deformation and other non-adaptation; this excludes the optometrist writing wrong and with the inaccurate situation, is also possible because the insert refractive index, Abbe number, material, into the light degree are different, eye sensitive friends still need a process of adaptation, do not worry, if the optometry If you can adapt to the new glasses when you try them on, you will definitely be able to adapt to them in a few days.
(5) When you go to the optometry, it is generally not recommended to go to the test when your eyes are too fatigued, too fatigued when the measured prescription may have a little deviation, and wait until your eyes are relaxed to wear glasses instead of adapting.
(6) Don’t squint when you have optometry. You should cover your eyes and try them on, squinting will cause the eye muscles to be tense, and the measured prescription may not be as accurate.
(7) main eye, if you can not see, recommend going to glasses as soon as possible; the main eye can not see may lead to myopia deepening in both eyes.
(8) Previously encountered after the optometry refused to give the pupil distance, the charge must go to the case since the charge of the prescription data must be given to the full, or you can say that you need to know the pupil distance to choose the frame, and then do not give to find a place to measure the pupil distance of the old glasses. The pupil distance on the computer list is generally more accurate; you can manually measure the error to see if the error is not too big can also be used.

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